Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes

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Horse Amour Bit Wipes in Peppermint flavor are multi-purpose disposable cleaning wipes for English or Western bits. Get the gunk off your bit and make it taste yummy for your horse, all in one fell swoop. Horse Amour's 100% natural bit wipes are 100% safe, too. Plastic dispenser keeps the bit wipes moist and easily accessible. Especially nice to have on hand at horse shows to keep bit looking shiny for the show ring and keep your horse happy.

The Horse Amour Bit Wipes have previously been available in an Apple flavor, however, the price of the Golden Delicious Apple flavoring became too expensive for the manufacturer to use. If the price ever comes down, they may make it again. For now, the Peppermint flavor is one most horses love and it smells so clean and fresh!