Circle Y Booma Rein

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BOOMA Rein Safety Rein is a flexible rein keeper that easily attaches your reins to your western saddle, preventing the rider from losing the reins. Like a boomerang, your reins will return to you! This simple and clever device attaches either directly to the reins for more rigorous riding or with the included carabiner O-ring for recreational riding. BOOMA Rein is adjustable so it will accommodate any horse and rider. The polypropylene material is durable and waterproof and can be used for competitions, trail riding, and everyday riding and training. The BOOMA Rein adds an extra bit of safety and security for any rider. Riders don't need to worry about dropping the reins or having them pulled away. No need to worry about the loose reins getting stepped on or tangled, either. With BOOMA Rein, the rider maintains control and confidence. BOOMA Rein's flexible construction means the horse can still lower its head to eat or drink. Click the Product Videos tab for more!

  • In Black, Brown, and a rainbow of colors (colors may differ from photo)
  • Sold in singles - one rein keeper