Charles Owen MS1 Pro Skull Cap

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A groundbreaking jockey skull cap, the Charles Owen MS1 Pro is the first of its kind to incorporate Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS®) technology. No other skull cap has incorporated MIPS technology before, so with the three international equestrian standards‚ SEI, Kitemarks and CE‚ riders can feel truly protected as they gallop or simply go for a hack.

MIPS is a brain protection system formulated to combat rotational motion, which can cause brain injuries. MIPS has a low-friction layer that allows a sliding motion of 10-15 mm in all directions to reduce tangential forces transmitted to the brain during impact.

This skull cap has an ABS outer shell that offers a deep fit made secure with the unique padded harness. Ten ventilation slots and a removable liner add to its great functionality. **ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified.

SIZE GUIDE: Ensure that your helmet is the correct size by converting the circumference of your head in centimeters to your helmet size. Size Chart