Horse Show Hangover Box

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Self-care Box for Riders

Guaranteed to make riders feel as good as wining a 50-cent ribbon. Includes:

  • Night Check Body Butter
  • Upper Level Goals Soap
  • Barn Drama Detox Soap
  • The Horse Show Hangover Recovery Guide (20 Pages)

All in a 9x9 gift box.


Here’s what’s included in the kit:

Barn Drama Detox soap: Scrub away all the drama, both literally and figuratively, with this vegan soap made with a healing blend of Dead Sea mud, salt, Rhassoul clay and shea butter (3.5 oz bar).

Upper Level Goals soap: Purifies the skin by removing dirt, sweat, blood and tears. Handcrafted with natural lemongrass essential oil and shea butter (3.5 oz bar).

Night Check Body Butter: Don’t let your hands dry out like an old saddle. Made with moisturizing shea butter, this body cream works hard to reinvigorate your skin, even after a hot and dusty weekend under the sun at the horse show (1.69 oz jar).

Horse Show Hangover Recovery Guide: A step-by-step journey to feel your best and prepare to rejoin the ‘real world’ (20 pages).

So kick up those tired feet and relax. You earned your stall rest.