101 Ground Training Exercises

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Designed for on-the-track training, Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler is a unique training book that can be hung on a post, so you can reference the pages even as you work with your horse. It's built to be a reference for riders and trainers of all skill levels—from novice horse breeders to veteran equine experts—and helps along the complicated journey of ground training. Most importantly, it's designed to be so much more than a training manual, with exercises that encourage a strong bond between you and your equine.

About the Author

In addition to the award-winning author of more than 30 books and videos about horse training and care, Cherry has written over 1,000 articles on the subject. You'll find her byline on publications like Horse & Rider, The Quarter Horse Journal, The Chronicle of the Horse, the American Farrier's Journal, The Horse Journal, Western Horseman and over 20 other national equine publications. For 25 years, Cherry Hill even maintained a seat as a horse show judge for multiple organizations across the United States. For more information on Cherry Hill, visit her website at http://www.horsekeeping.com.