Korsteel Solid Rubber Mullen Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle

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Korsteel Solid Rubber Mouth Loose Ring Mullen Bit is a basic mullen mouth bit good for horses who can be fussy with traditional metal snaffles. The mullen mouth bit applies pressure across the tongue and bars without disturbing the roof of the mouth. Many horses prefer a rubber bit because it is warmer and has a better flavor than stainless steel bits. The rubber mullen mouth is good for horses who need a bit that will be gentle on the bars of the mouth and who may not like metal bits touching their teeth. This is a gentle bit, good for horses with a soft mouth, but may cause some horses to lean on the bit.


  • Stainless steel loose rings
  • Flexible soft rubber mullen mouth
  • Rubber mouthpiece is warmer and softer than stainless steel and may have a better flavor
  • Rubber bits are thicker than metal bits and may not be suitable for horses with small mouths or low palates