Montar Echo Yati Tight Look Normal Waist Knee Grip Breech

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Basic normal waist riding breeches. This is the newest upgraded model. The riding breeches look like a pair of tights but have all the benefits of being a real breech like our famous Yati fabric. The fabric has a premium look, durable elasticity and 4-way-stretch. On the thighs are two pockets. Inside the pockets are small silicone dots that prevent your phone from falling out while riding your horse. On the left front belt loop is a small Montar silver pendant. The silicone print is shaped like rice corn. 

  • Normal waist 
  • Strong silicone kneegrip
  • Tight look
  • Premium look
  • 4-ways-stretch 
  • High comfort
  • Moisture wicking
  • Water repellent
  • Lycra triangle

 The breeches must fit close for the best possible comfort and support.