Tory Leather Hoof Pick Belt

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1 1/4" wide leather belt with brass hoof pick closure. This leather hoof pick belt is made out of creased heavyweight English bridle leather. The hoof pick is attached to the leather belt with two snaps. So it is very easy to remove the hoof pick from the Havana leather belt and use it to clean your horses hooves. Then just snap it back on to the leather belt and you are ready to go. This hoof pick leather belt is great at horse shows, around the barn, on trail rides and much more. Never be without a hoof pick when you need it with this handy stylish leather belt.

Sizes: 24 - 42

1 1/4" Wide 

Sizing: Belt size is 2" larger than waist size. So if you have a 28" waist size you should order a Size 30 belt. * The sizing information is for standard belts the hoof pick belts do tend to run small so you should consider going with a size larger then recommended. So instead of a 30" you might consider a 32". This is due to the way the hoof pick fastener hooks to loops verses holes like a standard belt.