Weatherbeeta Roma Protek Wither Relief Lift Back Half Pad

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Roma's ProTek Wither Relief Pad has been a staple in every barn for over 20 years! Molded to fit high up into the saddle channel to give your horse comfortable cushioning while allowing the spine and withers to be free of pressure, it offers ultra-thin and lightweight protection for your horse's back. The closed cell foam material won‚¬™t absorb moisture, making it easy to keep clean. Finally, it‚¬™s available in either lift front or lift back to suit your saddle and your horse‚¬™s build. The front lift provides 1/2‚¬ lift in front while continuing to support the full length of the saddle while the back lift provides 1/2‚¬ lift to balance the back of the saddle while avoiding pressure to the withers. 

Made in the USA.

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