5 Star Equine

Family-owned and manage by Terry Moore and his family in the small community of Hatfield, Arkansas, 5 Star Equine Products, Inc. is best known for its all-natural saddle pads and mohair cinchas. Comprised of a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals who take pride in producing the best possible products, the company’s history dates back to 1988 when it was started by Vern and Laurel Wells in Canada. Originally known as Verns Wells Horseman products, the company was later renamed Wells 5 Star and then, ultimately, was renamed to 5 Star Equine Products & Supplies, Inc.

Though Vern passed away shortly after the original company was founded, Laurel persevered with the help of Mike Easton. With Mike’s knownledge of wool, research, marketing and business development, the company focused on obtaining the finest materials and using the best workmanship to create its products. Terry Moore eventually purchased the company in 2012 while promising to never compromise on quality. Today, the company continues to produce saddle pads made from the highest-grade pressed industrial felt and 100 percent virgin wool. Meanwhile, the company’s cinches are made from 100 percent mohair and are designed to offer a natural fit for horses, ponies and mules.