Anderson Bean Boots

Located in Mercedes, Texas, Anderson Bean Boot Co. has been building boots since 1989. Dedicated to producing high-quality, all-leather boots within the medium price range, all Anderson Bean Boots are made by hand and one of a kind. Created by the owners of Rios of Mercedes, each boot is backed by 150 years of knowledge, expertise and exceptional boot making.

 Offering a full line of stock boots, Anderson Bean Boots are available for men, women, kids and even babies. Each boots boasts the company’s signature toe profile, which has been “used for inspiration” by other boot brands. Rooted in Texas tradition and style, each pair of boots offers its own unique style and vibe. Committed to making a great-fitting boot that is both comfortable and stylish, each pair of boots features a steel shank for arch support as well as wooden pegs in the arch area to further aid in arch support while holding the boot together. The rest of the boot is nothing but 100 percent leather.

 Holding to the belief that what you can’t see actually does matter, AB holds strong to its traditional of quality with great attention to detail. From the inside to the outside of every boot, every part matters with Anderson Bean Boots.

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