Arena Saddles

Boasting beautiful style, high-quality materials, elegance and attention to detail, Arena Saddles offers a saddle for every discipline. Classically crafted from European leather, each of these unique saddles manages to turn heads while remaining within a more affordable price range than many of its competitors.

Whether you are riding on a trail, hitting a jumps course or competing in dressage, Arena Saddles has the saddle to meet your needs. Designed to provide comfort to both you and your horse, Arena Saddles help to optimize your position and improve your riding while providing your horse with total freedom of movement.

Equipped with HART (Horse and Rider Technology), Arena Saddles aim to provide a transformative experience for both you and your horse. This technology includes the incorporation of the CAIR Cushion System for protective cushioning as well as an easy-change fit solution to ensure precision custom fit for your horse. HART technology also includes ergonomic flex, free movement with performance panel technology and comfort seat technology for superior rider performance.

Backed by an extensive guarantee, Arena Saddles will be repaired or replaced at no cost due to issues related to faulty materials or workmanship within two years of the date of purchase. The saddle will also be repaired or replaced at no cost if breakage occurs in the tree anytime within 10 years from the date of purchase.