Back On Track

With its head office based in Uppsala, Sweden, Back on Track specializes in creating therapeutic products to help horses, people and even dogs live a more active and comfortable lifestyle. By combining modern textile technology along with traditional medicine, the company is able to create joint and muscle support products from functional textiles with reflective properties. The company’s FDA-approved braces and other products feature Welltex technology, which is infused into the fibers of the products in order to use body energy to create an infrared thermal effect.

Back on Track horse products are specifically designed to help to increase mobility while also preventing injury to your horse. In this way, your horse can perform at its highest level while keeping its overall health and wellness in mind. Products available for horses from Back on Track include blankets, sheets, saddle pads, boots and wraps. Even Olympic rider McLain Ward stands by Back on Track products, stating that “Everything has been excellent” and “This is a wonderful product that keeps our horses in great shape”. Ward goes on to say that this company’s products have allowed the team to stop using poultice, which cuts down on skin irritation, while the Back ton Track blankets have created a noticeable difference in the horses’ backs, thereby allowing the team to go for longer periods of time between chiropractic treatments.