Bates Saddles

Specializing in saddles and accessories, Bates Saddles are known for featuring the finest hand-selected European leather. Considered by many to be constructed with the best leather in the world, the saddles are all made from three types of leather: Luxe Leather, Opulence Leather, and Heritage Leather.

Hand-selected from the finest calf leather, Luxe Leather offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Meticulously cared for throughout the specialized tanning process, Luxe Leather is guaranteed to provide exceptional performance in color, strength, and richness. This leather boasts an ultra-soft feel while maintaining a level of grip to meet the unique demands of the rider.

Some select models of Bates Saddles also feature soft-milled Opulence Leather on the exterior. Known for its ultra-soft and grippy characteristics, Opulence Leather offers comfort and security while also reducing the amount of time necessary to “break in” the saddle. Models featuring this type of leather also often offer additional features, such as wear patches for additional durability, a recessed stirrup channel for close contact, and specialized ergonomic features.

Considered to be a performance leather with optimum suppleness and advanced rider grip, Heritage Leather is heavily pre-oiled with visible shade variations. As such, Heritage Leather is traditionally European with its use of natural oil and wax tannage. 

With its focus on rider performance and optimal fit, Bates Saddles offer an extensive warranty as well as years of service to those who provide proper care and maintenance.