Bobby's English Tack

Recognized as a reputable and popular brand name across riding disciplines, Bobby’s English Tack has been manufacturing handcrafted fine English tack since 1880. Started in the foothills of the Himalayas in the small town of Shimla, the company was started on what was known as Mall Road by Mr. Sham Lall Srivastav.

Mall Road in the town of Shimla was a small main street that transformed into a flourishing market in the late 1800s. Shimla itself was once the summer capital of British India, serving as the home to British soldiers and civil servants as the moved there to escape the heat of New Delhi. Indian merchants of all trades established handcrafted specialty shops along the main street in order to serve the needs of the seasonal European population. Srivastav was among these merchants, as he established a leather goods business that soon evolved into a specialty stack store to meet the needs of local equestrians.

Over time, Sham Lall & Sons, as the company came to be named, established a reputation for superior quality and was appointed as the official supplier of tack for the British Army. Now in its fourth generation and renamed to Bobby’s English Tack, the company’s shield serves as a symbol of its uncompromising quality and absolute integrity.