Breyer Horses

Based in Chicago and originally named Breyer Molding Company, Reeves International is a plastics manufacturer known for its creation of model horses. The first of these Breyer Horses to be designed by the company dates back to 1950 when the company created the # 57 Western Horse as a special order for the F.W. Woolworth Company. The horse was made to adorn a mantelpiece clock, but then the company was flooded with people asking to buy just the horse.

The company itself was founded by Swiss entrepreneur Werner J. Fleischmann in 1946. At the time, he focused mostly on distributing fine European toys in the U.S. market. From 1946 to 1970, the company developed a reputation as one of the top distributors in the nation while operating from a showroom in New York City. In 1985, Fleischmann was joined by his son, Tony, after which the company grew substantially and became recognized as the premiere band of equine-themed toys, gifts and collectibles.

Today, Reeves International remains mostly focused on its signature brand of Breyer Horses. Regarded as the premiere brand of horse models and collectibles, the company has an unmatched commitment to quality, authenticity and realism. With these horse models and collectibles, you can truly have a horse of your very own.