Breyer "H" is for Horse - Coloring, Sticker, And Activity Book
From Appaloosa to Zebra, this coloring and activity book features many breeds. It will keep you busy with horsy fun for hours and hours!      
Breyer Adiah HP
Adiah is a dressage champion with a colorful coat, and is ¾ Friesian and ¼ Dutch Warmblood. She is owned and bred by Hidden Promise Sport Horses and trained by Jim Koford. In 2017, Adiah and Koford won the US...
Breyer Anthem - Americana Decorator
With his mane and tail blowing like a ­flag in the wind, Anthem is a richly hued decorator model that pays tribute to America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” His pinto coat takes on the familiar hues of red, white,...
Breyer ATP Power-NEW
When barrel racer Amberley Snyder was left paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident, it seemed like her riding days were over. Instead, she was back in the saddle just four months later. Her mount? A towering black...
Breyer Blanket & Shipping Boots - Hot Pink
Made with protection in mind, hot pink shipping blanket has matching authentic shipping boots with hook and loop closures. Horse not included.      
Breyer Blossom The Ballerina - Color Change Horse
When this friendly Appaloosa is done pirouetting and prancing, she hops in the bath. Surprise! Her brown markings turn pink in warm water! Includes: "perfume" squirt bottle, hairbrush, tutu and tiara. Ages 3+      
Breyer Blue Roan Brabant Freedom Series
Native to Belgium, the Brabant is a large and powerful draft horse bred for farm work. The breed is best known for its strength and docile temperament, which makes them fantastic partners for farms, logging operations, and other drafting work. Freedom...
Breyer Buckeye Dressage Mule
DRESSAGE MULE When you think of a mule, does an image of a stubborn pack animal come to mind?  Well, Buckeye is here to show the world otherwise! A flashy 2008 leopard Appaloosa John mule owned by Christina Gregory, Buckeye...
Breyer Catch Me
SHOW HUNTER HALL OF FAME Holsteiner gelding Catch Me bounced back from botulism to bring home wins at the 2015 Hampton Classic, Capital Challenge, and Pennsylvania National shows with his rider Scott Stewart. In 2016, “Snoopy” was champion at the...
Breyer Checkers Mountain Trail Champion
Local to Silver Creek, WA, 45 minutes South of our store!   The exciting sport of Mountain Trail combines the thrill of natural obstacles found on wilderness trails with top-notch horsemanship skills. Owned by Mountain Trail pioneer Mark Bolender, Checkers has...
Breyer Chocolatey
CHAMPION APPALOOSA Chocolatey, a 2005 dun blanket Appaloosa stallion, became a two-time Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association World Champion, Appaloosa Horse Club World Champion, and National Snaffle Bit Association Reserve World Champion. Now retired to stud, “Harold” is passing on his...
Breyer Classic Natalie Cowgirl
Meet our newest rider! Natalie, our new 6" articulated Western rider doll, is dressed in the latest cowgirl cool and is ready to saddle up. This set includes a 6" articulated rider, Western Saddle and bridle, and saddle blanket. Horse...
Breyer Devon Hunt Seat Saddle
Hunt seat saddle is made for close contact English riding and jumping.  Model horse not included.    
Breyer Dominante XXIX
"Dom" is the only Pura Raza Española ("PRE") stallion to have twice been named the Champion Stallion at National Celebration shows, and the only PRE stallion to have been named both the Champion Stallion and Overall Champion of Functionality at...
Breyer Dually Truck Traditional Series Horses
Breyer's "Dually" (for dual-wheeled) Truck hitches up to the matching Horse Trailer in a snap! Beautifully crafted, this super truck has room inside for two of our 8" figures. It includes rolling wheels, working rack-and-pinion steering, doors that open, two side-view mirrors,...
Breyer English Horse And Rider
This lovely English rider is casually dressed for a lesson on her beautiful bay roan horse! Includes: 6" articulated rider, horse, saddle pad, English saddle and bridle.12"L x 3"W x 8.25"H Ages 4+ | 1:12 Scale      
Breyer English Show Bridle
With decorated brow band and double reins. Horse not included.  
Breyer Equidae
$64.95 $45.46
Breyer Equidae
2021 Fall Traditional Decorator Model The world of horses has always been a celebration, and this rainbow-coated stallion captures its beauty in a most colorful way! The magnificent equine is beloved around the globe, and the hundreds of breeds in...
$64.95 $45.46
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