Weaver Flat Link Curb Chain
Constructed from durable, weather resistant harness leather, this 5/8" curb strap has a 4-1/2" flat single link chain. Durable nickel plated hardware.
$12.79 $11.95
Weaver Double Buckle Bridle Leather Curb Strap
This doubled and stitched 5/8" curb strap is constructed from smooth, refined bridle leather with smoothed and darkened edges that are easy on your horse's chin. Durable nickel plated hardware.
Waldhausen Sheepskin Protector Pad
Real lambskin features excellent characteristics making it ideal for use in equestrian sport. For example, real sheepskins natural stability ensures ideal pressure distribution and shock absorbing properties, thus preventing pressure marks and rubbing. Furthermore, the material characteristics promote air circulation...
Weaver Single Chain Curb Strap
This 5/8' chestnut skirting leather curb strap features a 4-1/2" flat single link chain. Non-rust stainless steel hardware.
Rubber Bit Guards
Gentle Rubber Bit Guard are rubber disks that stop the bit from pinching the corner of the horse's mouth. Pair. Brown or Black.
$4.15 $3.99
English Bit Loops
$13.99 $12.95
English Bit Loops
From Left To Right; Black, Havana, Oakbark
$13.99 $12.95
Korsteel Stainless Steel Barrel D Ring Snaffle
This Korsteel Barrel Racing Dee Ring Snaffle is perfect for all levels of training or competition. Whether you are practicing at home or competing at top level, this Dee Ring Snaffle is the go-to bit. Korsteel products are proven performers...
Weaver Nylon Curb Chain
Constructed from durable 5/8" nylon, this curb strap features a non-rust stainless steel 3-1/2" flat link chain and durable nickel plated buckles.
$14.89 $13.95
Original Bit Butter
Our special formulation provides soothing care to replenish moisture for dry, callused, unresponsive areas of your horse's mouth. Enriched with a "mouth softening complex", this palatable blend of natural butters, essential oils and sweeteners encourage acceptance and improves focus on...
Camelot Plain Raised Padded Snaffle Bridle
Best value for the money in plain raised snaffle Bridle. With 5/8" laced reins. Dark stitching.
Myler Comfort Loose Ring Snaffle MB02- Level 1
Stainless steel loose ring snaffle has a sweet iron mouth with copper inlays. USEF dressage legal. Always check your organization's rulebook for more information. MB 02, Level 1 bit.
Tory Leather Futurity Knot Browband Headstall
5/8" Double & Stitched Bridle Leather with Sewn Buckle Cheeks and Chicago Screw Bit Ends. Colors left to right: Black, Chestnut, Dark Oil, London
$79.49 $72.95
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