Bridles Fitters

Known for its custom bridle fitting options, Bridle Fitters will work with you to create a custom fit bridle for your horse. With the help of their Montar expert bridle fitters, you can enlist in the help of a bridle fitting team to ensure the bridle is the right size and meets your horse’s needs. The company will even allow you to schedule a bridle fitting, which will allow you to test a variety of different models at your own home so you can determine which customized model is best suited to you and your horse. Regardless of the type of bridle you choose to purchase from the company, however, you can take comfort in knowing it will feature an adjustable crown, European leather, rubber-lined keepers and snap browbands. After all, we all know that the difference truly is in the details.

In addition to offering a wide variety of bridles, Bridle Fitters offers an extensive line of products for both the horse and the rider. Other horse products available through the company include saddle pads, breastplates, fager bits, halters, ear bonnets, reins, boots and polos. For the rider, a wide range of fashionable equestrian clothing is available. These include men’s and women’s breeches, show shirts and jackets, sweaters, hoodies, polos, t-shirts, long- and short-sleeve shirts, vests, socks, belts, ball caps and more!

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