Inspired by the mythical creature with a head and torse of a person joined to the body of a horse, Centaur products have been created from the mind of a horse person with the comfort of your horse as the number one priority. From horse equipment and horse clothing to riding and travel accessories, Centaur has nearly all of your equestrian needs covered.

 Based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Centaur offers a wide variety of equestrian products with sensible prices. Horse gear options available from the company include bits, bridlework, girths, halters, leads and lines, leg wraps and bandages, saddle covers, saddle pads, stirrups, spurs and straps, horse boots and horse clothes.

If you travel with your horse, Centaur also has a wide variety of equine travel gear available. This includes bridle carry bags and organizers, boot bags, garment bags, helmet bags and saddle carry bags in various designs and colors. You will also find a variety of different stable products available through the company, including cross ties, trailer ties, measure sticks, comfort muzzles, aisle guards, door organizers, stall guards, stall chain, hay nets and leather work and care products. In short, if you need it for your horse, Centaur is likely to have it!