Coat Defense

Originally developed for human skin, Coat Defense helps to address a variety of skin conditions in horses. Interestingly, the product was developed nearly 20 years ago when company Founder and President Sandy Polentes was chronically ill and searching for beauty and skincare products that didn’t make her feel even more sick. Her husband, Vince, created an organic deodorant that was both safe for her to use and effective. Years later, Coat Defense was born!

The decision to create products for horses was made as a matter of fate when horse trainer Zena Byrne used the deodorant powder on her horse to dry its sweat. To Zena’s surprise, the powder made the horse’s rain rot instantly fall off. Zena had tried numerous other products – including prescription drugs - to address the issue, but none of them had worked until she applied the deodorant. She then contacted Sandy to ask for an enormous container of the product for her horse.

Sandy, Vince and Zena then tested the product on other horses and found the same results. From this experience, they created a paste to help heal scratches on the legs of horses while also helping to heal hotspots on dogs and even sooth and speed the healing of bug bites on humans. Entirely natural and not containing dangerous or harsh chemicals, Coat Defense is used today by top riders, trainers, grooms and veterinarians around the world!