Dallas Hats

Located in Garland, Texas, Dallas Hats lives by the motto of “We cover the world in style.” With the wide variety of hats that the company has available, it is easy to see that they stand by their very simple goal to provide the perfect hat to suit the needs of virtually any person in any situation.

Offering hats for men, women and children, Dallas Hats features product lines that include both fashion straw hats and traditional straw cowboy hats as well as traditional cowboy felt hats, fedora hats, palm leaf hats, leather hats and fashion felt hats. The company also offers clear and concise instructions for measuring your head as well as a sizing chart to help you select the size of hat that will best suit your head and needs.

In addition to offering a wide range of hat styles and colors, Dallas Hats also offers a number of accessories that can be added to your hat in order to create a little more pizazz and personalization. These accessories include hat bands and horse hair stampede strings with beads or tassels. You will be quite amazed by the variety of accessory options available. From braided leather to intricately beaded designs, you are sure to find the accessory that best suits your style and needs!