Diamond Wool

Handcrafted in the USA, Diamond Wool Pad Co. is considered to be “The Natural Choice” for saddle pads. Specializing solely in the design and manufacture of saddle pads, the company is dedicated to improving and developing pads to meet the specific needs of each of its customers and their horses.

Started in 1992 and located in Rhode Island, Diamond Wool was created to address what it saw as a lack of quality saddle pads available on the market. At the time, available saddle pads were largely constructed from low quality materials or had to be shipped in from other countries. Diamond Wool was committed to take a step further into the past and bring back saddle pads that were made from natural fibers. After careful analysis, the company determined that the best saddle pads were those that were constructed from wool as the primary component.

Dedicated to create saddle pads that were manufactured from domestic materials and craftsmanship, Diamond Wool was started. Today, the company is well-respected and trusted by horse enthusiasts from around the world. Product offerings include a wide range of Western pads for all disciplines, including wool pads, wool felt pads, wool fleece pads, work pads, pressure relief pads, endurance pads, performance pads, specialty pads and liners.