Effol Lip Balm
Specially developed lip-care stick with SPF 20 is suitable for every season Ensures a natural moisture balance for the lips and thus keeps them very smooth contains: shea butter, bees’ wax
Effax Leather Combi+ Mildew Spray
Effax Leather Care + Mildew Free Formula can be easily sprayed over the entire surface of the leather due to the multi-functional spray head or applied as a foam. The powerful and non-greasy formula removes stubborn and dried dirt such...
Effol Mini Mouth Butter
Effol Mouth Butter can help encourage a soft mouth and bit acceptance in horses. Applied to either or both the bit and corners of the horse’s lips, Effol Mouth Butter can help reduce bit friction and pinching, and it can...
Effol Regrowth Serum
Perfect for hair and hair roots. The Effol Regrowth-Serum regenerates the hair so the product is ideal for use after Effol Skin-Lotion, for example. It reduces the formation of dandruff, particularly strengthens the hair roots and promotes healthy growth of...
Effax Mini Leather Combi Cleaner
50 ml  For the most thorough leather cleaning, Leather Combi is a great alternative to traditional saddle soap. Leather Combi's grease free formula penetrates leather and does not attract dust. With regular use, leather is non-slip, tear-resistant, smooth and insensitive...
Effol Refresh Gel
$19.95 $9.95
Effol Refresh Gel
Effol Refresh-Gel has a regenerating effect after physical activity and, on account of the natural oils it contains, promotes the well-being of the horse even in the case of tension and stiff muscles. The practical Flic-Flac bottle makes it easy...
$19.95 $9.95
Effol Med Cooling Wash
Effol Med Cooling-Wash is an effective cooling shampoo which will help relax and refresh the muscles after demanding or fatiguing work. Revitalizes and cools effectively over an extended period of time. The intricate ingredients leave the coat clean and gleaming...
$19.95 $9.95
Effol Horse Balm Mini 1.7 oz
The first Horse-Balm with improved formula Guaranteed to cool over a period of three hours, relaxes, promotes good circulation and activates after strenuous activity. Has a refreshing and vitalising effect in the case of stiff muscles and tension. The special...
Effol Winter Hoof Gel
The solution for damaged hooves in winter. Rich oils of rosemary, cloves and babassu ensure strong penetration thus providing long-term protection against damp, mud and moist bedding. The gel consistency, mixed with the heavy oils, is absorbed slowly and sustainably...
Effol Med Combat Thrush Gel-Spray
A remedy in acute cases of damaged frog and thrush. The Effol med Combat-Thrush-Gelspray is an effective healing cure which, in the first phase, dries out the frog and thus removes the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. In the...
Effol Med Broncho Care Lozenge
Effol Med Broncho Care Lozenge are sugar-free herbal drops specially formulated to ease throat irritations and colds for both humans and horses. The unique combination of natural herbs helps to soothe and protect the mucous membranes from drying out and...
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