Based in Massachusetts, EquiFit, Inc. designs and manufactures technologically-advanced products with top riders and horses in mind. Founded by Alexandra Cherubini, who currently serves as President of the company, EquiFit was born from a passion for horseback riding combined with a love of design.

Within months of founding the company, Cherubini developed the first product known asn ShouldersBack. Marketed to riders as well as to non-riders, ShouldersBack was even featured at the Museum of Modern Art in recognition of its outstanding function and design. Thanks to the support of this posture-saving back support product, Cherubini was able to further expand the company’s line of products.

Today, EquiFit considers itself to be an ambassador for equestrians as well as equine athletes. As such, the company continually strives to develop new forward-thinking technology. This includes the recent ImpacTeq Technology, which is designed to absorb extreme impact. With its revolutionary foam that becomes a protective shield upon impact combined with a multi-dimensional air mesh that is able to promote airflow and circulation, the technology is able to keep your body cool while providing it with protection. This technology can be found in many of the company’s products, including its ImpacTec Liners in its D-Teg Boots, Bandage Liners, the ImpacTeq Half Pad and the CrownPad.