Haystack Wild Berry Horse Treats
Made with Alfalfa, cranberries and natural flavor. Comes in 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb. bags.  When purchasing multiple bags, the shipping will sometimes be higher than quoted upon checkout. Customer Service may reach out to collect the overage in these cases....
German Horse Muffins Horse Treats
Sold in a 1lb and 6lb Bags.  German Horse Muffin is a decadent blend of sweet Feed And Molasses plus Corn, Oats, Bran, Wheat Flour, Cornstarch, Soybean Meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Vitamins and more.
Mrs. Pastures Cookies For Horses
Mrs. Pastures® Cookies for Horses are made with a lot of love!   Made with All Natural Ingredients No Preservatives Feed as a treat to all equine Not for human consumption Made in America They are dehydrated so they are hard...
Manna Pro Bite Size Horse Treats
Bite Sized Ideal size for training or stretching 4 popular flavors: Apple, Peppermint, Carrot & Spice and Alfalfa Molasses Comes in a 1 pound bag 
Slobber Drops Horse Treats
Slobber Drops have a delicious molasses base which is sure to please. Slobber Drops contain the added benefit of removing sugar with the third refinement of molasses. Our molasses is an excellent source of manganese and copper. It is also...
German Minty Muffins Horse Treats
The German Horse Muffin's founder was born and raised in Germany, and perfected the German recipe here in the USA. The German Minty Muffin is a sweet and chewy indulgence for horses made from fresh, all-natural ingredients; a decadent blend of sweet feed and molasses.Minty Muffins have a peppermint...
The Posh Pony Donut Treats
Homemade horse and dog treats - order is for a bag of 6 mini donutsIngredientsAll-Purpose Flour, Molasses, Oats, Apples (DOES NOT CONTAIN CINNAMON) Icing Sugar, Coconut OilHomemade mini horse donuts (6 per packet). The perfect way to give your friend...
Horse Guard Flix Horse Treats
Flix treats are made of 100% flaxseed. These treats are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which promote shiny coats and help alleviate stiff joints. Flax is full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. These are truly healthy treats your horses will come running for!
$18.28 $14.99
Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax Horse Treats
Low-starch formula for safe treating; Contains 80% Less Sugar & Starch vs. leading treat* No added sugar or molasses. 4lb. Bags All-Natural Ingredients; contains no artificial colors or flavors. Apple and Carrot-Anise Flavors Available Made in the USA.
$20.99 $18.95
Start to Finish Horse Snacks
Give your horse or pony a tasty treat with these delicious and nutritious snacks from Start to Finish. Highly digestible and flavored with natural ingredients, these bite-size nuggets are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Effective as a training...
Jolly Stall Snack Refill
Durable, tasty Jolly Stall Snacks™ are a delicious treat for any horse. They particularly help alleviate boredom for stalled horses. Available in your choice of five flavors, these refills are designed to fit the Jolly Stall Snacks apple-shaped holder (sold...
Popper Mints Horse Treats
Nutritious fortified grain treat. Bite sized and easy to break into whatever size you need. Delicious peppermint flavor Made in the USA
Manna Pro Nuggets Carrot & Spice Treats
Because your horse holds a special place in your life, show him you care with Manna Pro Bite - Size Nuggets Horse Treats. Don’t give him sugary, no-value treats when you can offer him a great tasting, nutritious snack that’s...
Off The Track Cookie Treats
Saddle up and show your the love with Off The Track's flavorful horse treats! A variety of fun shapes to make both you and your horse smile. Each treat is approximately 2-5" and individually wrapped, Ingredients: Cookie base: oat flour,...
Jolly Stall Snack Holder
A toy and treat all-in-one system. Sure to alleviate stall boredom while offering a nutritious snack. The unique apple shaped treat dispenser allows your horse to bite into it. Each treat block should last up to three weeks.  The system...
Woody's Smart Treats Apple
Woody's Smart Treats® are SMART because they are grain free, low starch and fiber rich. Smart Treats® are a TREAT because your horse will love the taste! Smart Treats® are made with an alfalfa and beet pulp base for high...
Shire's Ball Feeder
The Shires Ball Feeder is stable favorite for both owners and horses! This colorful play ball helps ease stable boredom and engages your horse in the pasture. Simply fill the ball with treats or grain and let your horse play!...
GumBits Chewing Gum for Horses
GumBits Chewing Gum for Horses GumBits Chewing Gum for Horses helps to relax horses that grind their teeth. The tasty chewy gum bits work by encouraging the horse to chew and relax his jaws. This activates the salivation process, too,...
Woody's Smart Treats Carrot
Woody's Smart Treats® are SMART because they are grain free, low starch and fiber rich. Smart Treats® are a TREAT because your horse will love the taste! Smart Treats® are made with an alfalfa and beet pulp base for high...
Mrs. Pastures Cookies For Horses Super Cookie
Our new recipe is made with the same time-tested process as the original Mrs. Pastures horse cookie. We are proud to offer an additional cookie option for your horses that is madewith no molasses or other added sugar. Featuring sweet...
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