Based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, EquiStar offers stylish equestrian staples at an economic price point. Specializing in riding coats, jodhpurs, breeches, field boots, padded boots, half chaps, show shirts, riding gloves, crops and whips, EquiStar allows you to mix and match styles and colors in order to coordinate with your personal style and color scheme.

When you want to look and feel great without spending a whole lot of money, EquiStar is the perfect choice. With the many products available from this company, you can be confident your style is correct and that the fit will look great while also being comfortable. Starting from the top down, EquiStar has you covered. Whether you are looking for a show bow with a hairnet or a velvet show bow, your hair will look absolutely perfect! Similarly, you can keep your helmet looking great with a simple and affordable waterproof helmet cover.

Moving down from your head, you will also look great with the stylish breeches available from this great company. Pull-on breeches for children as well as for women can be purchased at an affordable price, as can a variety of different types of boots. These include knee-high all-weather synthetic field boots as well as ankle-high varieties. From gloves to crops, EquiStar has it all!