Fager Bits

With their undisputed attention to detail in every bit that they produce, Fager Bits is dedicated to making bits that stand out from the competition. With the understanding that even a minor detail can make the difference between an outstanding performance versus an average performance, the company makes sure to back all of its products with the most current and ongoing scientific research.

By working in collaboration with veterinarians who share their passion for equine welfare, Fager Bits takes a forward-thinking approach to the development of each of its products. As such, the company is not afraid to think outside of the box as it strives to create revolutionary designs made to accommodate the differing anatomy of individual horses.

In an effort to design products that provide the optimum comfort to horses while keeping their wellbeing at the forefront, Fager Bits has conducted extensive research in learning more about the varying pressure points in the mouth. In this way, the company is able to develop products that disperse the pressure to areas that help the horse feel more comfortable. By questioning traditional designs and striving to create a bit that is less cumbersome, lighter and less bulky, the company has truly stood out as a leader in the industry.

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