As a manufacturer of the world’s finest Natural Technology Products, Fleeceworks was founded by Air Force veteran Judy McSwain. As someone who is passionate about the comfort and health of horses, Judy has used the same knowledge she uses as a nurse practitioner in intensive care units to develop saddle pads to best meet the needs of you and your horse.

In an effort to ensure her products offer the greatest amount of comfort, Judy spends endless hours thinking about friction, moisture wicking, impact ratios and proportional liquid absorption percentages as she looks for natural materials and methods to incorporate into her products. Rather than relying on polyester and plastic, Judy searches for natural fabrics that move with your horse.

In order to provide the best saddle pads possible, Fleeceworks has developed the innovative Fleeceworks FXK Technology. This technology involves the inclusion of an elastic band that runs vertically over the top of the saddle pad. This helps to protest the horse’s topline while also serving as a shock absorber. The design also helps to take a rotational pull off of the horse’s shoulder before any pressure can reach the sensitive wither and spine areas. Products available from the company include sheepskin pads, Therawool pads, bamboo pads and more.