Neoprene Bit Guard with Velcro
Metalab  Neoprene with Velcro  8mm Finish: Black  Sold in pairs
Partrade Western Dee Copper Snaffle Bit
Level Two  Finish: Stainless Steel  MP: 5″ Snaffle, Copper Overlay  CP: 2-5/8″ Dee rings
Partrade Shank Snaffle Bit
 Level: Two  Finish: Stainless Steel  MP: 5″ Snaffle, Sweet Iron, Copper inlays  CP: 8″ Long shank, Loose cheek
Tyler Magnus Antique Series Chain Bit
Chain Bit 5-1/4″ chain mouthpiece with rubber keepers Level Three 8” shank cheek with floral trim and copper dots Comes with braided rope slobber bar and quick snap curb chain Size: 5-1/4″   Finish: Antique
Classic Equine Performance Series Short Shank Snaffle
This shank can be used for training, pleasure riding, or competition. It has a 2 1/2" purchase with a 5" shank. The shank is swept back like the 6" style, but to a lesser degree offering more leverage. When properly...
Neue Schule Starter Loose Ring Snaffle
Make the first start the right start –establish the basics. The Starter is designed to promote acceptance and confidence in the contact. It is a common misconception that mouthing should be encouraged, when in fact it is quiet, relaxed acceptance...
Myler Flat Shank Mullen Barrel Curb MB32- Level 2
Myler Stainless Steel 7" Flat Shank, MB 32 Mullen Barrel,Level 2 The MB 32 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen. It is curved more than a traditional mullen, giving more room for the horse’s tongue under the bit....
Fager Marcus Sweet Iron Beval Bit
This product ships directly from the manufacturer As of 01/26/2023 5 1/4" in stock at Tumwater Store. Fager Marcus is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following; Pulls on the bit, yet over-reactive to increased...
Dutton Twisted Snaffle Short Shank
The Dutton Hinged Twisted Cheek Snaffle has a 6" cheek and a 3/16" twisted wire mouth. Made from stainless steel. This bit allows more feel with less pressure.   Mouthpice: 5" copper inlay Cheek: 6" Twisted wire: 3/16"
Dutton Short Shank Smooth Snaffle
This Dutton bit features a swept back short shank which is great for younger horses or finished horses. The shorter shank allows more pressure from the rider to achieve the same effect as long shank bits.   Mouthpiece: 5" copper...
California Equine Latigo Curb Strap
*1/2"                                                                               ...
Neue Schule Turtle Top Flex 16mm Eggbutt Bit
This innovation is brilliant in helping to achieve a comfortable and quiet mouth.Turtle Top with Flex keeps the mouthpiece centred and arched over thetongue at all times, encouraging relaxation. This comfortable mouthpiece isalso useful in re-focusing the inattentive mouth back...
Neue Schule Turtle Top Full Cheek Bit
Turtle Top™ with Flex Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate. The Neue Schule Flex design concept delivers a guaranteed and well controlled co-alignment of the...
Neue Schule Verbindend Universal
16MM Mouthpiece Brilliant for faster work offering varying degrees of control with a curb strap option. This versatile all-rounder offers extra control and lift from the shoulder without discomfort or severity, allowing your horse to soften and relax through the...
Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring Snaffle
Heavy on the forehand? The NS Verbindend greatly emphasises the signals through the rein. By encouraging clarity of the aids, and promoting a true outline the freedom through the shoulder can be developed, thus promoting self carriage and thoroughness. The...
Neue Schule Tranz Lozenge Full Cheek
Reinforces the turning aid and helps with straightness and direction. The upper cheeks may be fixed to the cheek pieces with Fulmer Loops to exert gentle poll pressure (head lowering). Excellent for directional control. Good for faster work as the...
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