Stacy Westfall Stick & String

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About the stick:
I asked Weaver to taper the stick to make it lighter while still remaining strong. The stiffness of the stick is a key difference when compared to a lunge whip. The solid stick increases accuracy and also allows for the tool to be used as an extension of your arm. With untrained, young or rowdy horse I use the stick to create a ‘bubble’ of space around me that the horse is only allowed to enter if invited. Later on, my elbows will serve the same purpose but in a smaller space. It is important to me that the horses learn to respect my space or ‘bubble’ as they are much bigger and stronger than I am.
I also use the stick to ‘balance’ the horse. In early training, you will see me using the stick and string to both scratch the horse as well as to tap the cannon bones to move him out of my space.
The problem with tapping or scratching with a different tool, for example, a lunge whip or a dressage whip, is that they lack the stiffness and therefore translate a different feel. While light taps with a dressage whip may seem similar, a dressage whip quickly begins to ‘sting’ if used harder. On the other hand, a lunge whips handle is often both flexible and very long.
I prefer the stick because as I keep my tapping rhythm the same, I can increase or decrease the intensity without adding any ‘sting’.
The stick also has a high-quality club-style rubber handle and a leather loop on the end for the attachment of the string.

Weaver Leather is known for making high- quality products and several of my stick and strings have been with me for over a decade!