Back On Track Quick Wrap
The Back on Track Royal Quick wraps are a favorite among horse owners. Leveraging our Welltex technology, these all-in-one standing bandages may decrease swelling and help keep your horses legs cool and tight. Our state-of-the-art Welltex material uses the horses...
Shires Tubbease Hoof Socks
Shires Tubbease Hoof Sock is a multipurpose hoof aid that can be used to apply various remedies. It can come in handy in the presence of hoof ailments such as abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracks and general...
Incrediwear Equine Circulation Bandage
COMES IN PAIR OF TWO BANDAGES Regular size: 12,5 cm x 275 cm / 5" x 108" Pony size: 9 cm x 185 cm / 3,5" x 73" Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages fit comfortably around the horse's leg and are...
Catago FIR-Tech Stable Boots
This product may ship directly from the manufacturer. Provides maximum protection during transportation and in the stable. Removeable pad with Synthermax fiberfill and lining material with ceramic particles which in combination provide an advanced double-acting effect. Wide Velcro™ closures provide...
Cashel Stall Sore Boot
The Cashel Stall Sore Boot is a simple solution for horses bruising and developing pressure sores on the foreleg as a result of being down with medical conditions or stalled on hard surfaces. Helps protect existing sores from further aggravation...
Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hock Boot
Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hock Boot fit comfortably around the horse's hock and is created to help accelerate recovery time and improve comfort. Secured with a reliable Velcro straps. COMES AS ONE ITEM (LEFT OR RIGHT) Size: 21 cm (top, adjustable)...
Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps
COMES IN PAIR OF TWO WRAPS Incrediwear Equine Circulation Standing Wraps are designed to fit comfortably around the horse's legs and are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery and improve performance. Used for: Stable rest after workouts; Trailering; Injury recovery....
Tubbease Sole Inserts
Shires Tubbease Sole Insert is made to be used inside the Shires Tubbease Hoof Sock. It helps relieve pain of sore feet and extends the life of  the Tubbease sock. Sold as single insert.   Features: Thick EVA sole pad...
Horseware Ireland Rambo Ionic Stable Boots
Rambo Ionic Stable Boots use while your horse is traveling or in the stable. With removable liners to promote circulation using our new Ionic technology. FABRIC Neoprene outer with a removable insert made with a polycotton fabric and printed with...
$180.00 $169.95
Professional's Choice Magnetic Tendon Boots
Tendon Boots can be used on both front and hind legs. These boots are designed to apply the healing effects of magnets to the: shins, tendons, splints, suspensory and check ligaments. The boots are made of durable nylon with a...
Back On Track Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe
Royal Quick Wraps Deluxe are flexible, easy to use stable and shipping wraps now in a new stylish design. Our quick wraps have always been big fan favorites, and now in a new and updated deluxe model, are sure to...
Professional's Choice Magnetic Hock Boots
The hock boot is made out of neoprene which allows for four way stretch to assist in keeping the boot up. The four magnets help with the common hock problems. Integrated neoprene straps wrap completely around the gaskin and cannon...
Professional Choice Magnetic Ankle Boot
These ankle boots are unique in that they are constructed out of neoprene with magnets that cup either side of the horses ankle. Sold in pairs.
Catago FIR-Tech Young Horse Fetlock Boot
CATAGO FIR-Tech Fetlock Boots have a two-fold benefit for your horse with ankle protection and healing ceramic therapy material. The lining of the FIR-Tech Fetlock Boots is cushioned Synthermax fabric that has permanent ceramic particles that reflect body heat back...
Catago FIR-Tech Tendon Boot
This product may ship directly from the manufacturer. The CATAGO FIR-Tech Healing open front tendon boot is an elegant and sporty boot, that provides optimal support and protection. The boot has a neoprene lining covered with the FIR-Tech Healing fabric...
Catago FIR-Tech Ear Net
Intrepid Neoprene Knee Boots
Neoprene Knee Boots Soft pliable neoprene with three touch tape straps. Good for sweating knees or protecting during travel. Horse size fits most. Sold in Pairs.
Tubbease Replacement Strap
Replacement Strap for use with the Tubbease Hoof Sock. The hook and loop strap is critical for secure application of the of the hoof sock.
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