Offering a fun and innovative way to groom, massage and scratch your horse, the Furizzy was designed to be used with a wide variety of pets. Whether you prefer to use it for your horse or your canine companion, the product offers the perfect solution for caring for your horse or dog during shedding season. Or, even when it is not shedding season, the product offers a great opportunity to simply bond with your horse or dog as you help to keep it properly groomed.

Available in a wide variety of colors as well as in long or short handle designs, the Furizzy was invented by Greg and Holly after the basis concept bounced around in Greg’s head for many years. Both Greg and Holly have been working in the design field for more than 20 years and both have a special interest in product design. As a dog owner himself, Greg was looking for a way to making grooming both fun and effective for him and his dog, Izzy.

After putting together numerous prototypes, Greg tested each one on his canine friend. Greg and Holly then went on to put together a group of experts in the field to assist with the manufacturing and product development of the Furizzy. Today, you can choose the right length and color to add to your fun assortment of grooming products for your dog or for your horse.