Geier Gloves

Established in 1927 and located in Centralia, Washington, Geier Glove Company has been producing some of the world’s finest leather gloves for more than 90 years. With the company’s attention to detail and dedication to creating gloves that offer the proper fit and comfort, the company uses only the best leathers available for making gloves and moccasins. It is in this way that the company is also able to create products that withstand the wear and tear of use over a long period of time.

Offering gloves that are made in full and half sizes, Geier Glove Company manufacturers gloves for men and women that are meant for a wide variety of purposes. These include gloves for work as well as dress gloves, driving gloves and riding gloves.

With each of its products made in the U.S.A., the Geiser Glove Company, its owners and its employees take pride in making quality leather gloves and moccasins. Work and dress unlined gloves are available from kangaroo, deerskin, goatskin, elkskin, cowhide and bison. Meanwhile, lined gloves include pile, Nordic fleece, Merino wool, Thinsulate and nylon. Other available products include gauntlets and fashion gloves, rodeo gloves and medicine bags in addition to moccasins made from American bison, moose or deerskin.

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