Weaver Felt Lined Straight Cinch
Especially popular with trail riders, the Weaver Felt-Lined Smart Cinch combines innovation with a classic design to offer horse comfort, security and functionality in an economical cinch. Featuring the patented Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, this cinch is guaranteed to stand...
$34.19 $31.95
Weaver Nylon Latigo With Holes
Constructed from nylon in a great selection of solid colors Feature burgundy alum tanned leather ties Measures 1-3/4" x 70"
Ovation Airform Chafeless Long English Girth
The award winning Ovation All Purpose Airform Chafeless Girth is horse and user friendly. Cushioned and textured for air flow, it stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets. Can be sponged clean in seconds. Hypo-allergenic. Made with stainless...
Weaver AirFlex Straight Western Cinch
These patented, state-of-the-art performance cinches feature a unique, molded airflow channel design that offers breathability and maximum flexibility. The airflow channels prevent heat from being trapped, maximizing air circulation and comfort for enhanced performance. Features: White cool flex foam doesn't...
$74.99 $69.95
Weaver Felt Lined Roper Smart Cinch
Now featuring the new and improved Roll Snug® Cinch Buckle, the Smart Cinch® is now smarter than ever! The innovative, patented buckle's expertly-designed roller system now has less play so your latigo rolls more smoothly than ever. Designed with a...
$66.59 $64.59
Doubled and Stitched Nylon Off Billet, 1-3/4" x 39"
This durable, doubled and stitched off billet is constructed from top quality nylon. Features a three hole tie with a burgundy latigo leather tie. Measures 1-3/4" x 39".
$16.09 $14.95
Tory Leather Single Ply Off Billet
        From Left to Right: London, Chestnut, Dark Oil, Black
$32.99 $30.95
Weaver Leather Latigo Tie Strap
Made from rich latigo leather, this latigo features brown latigo leather ties and holes. Measures 1.5" x 72" or 1 3/4" x 84"
$33.29 $31.95
Reinsman Soft Touch Neoprene Cinch
For more than 20 years, Soft Touch® cinches have been used on horses everywhere in all disciplines, for its top of the line comfort and function at a great price. Benefits: Extra soft, non-chafing, non-galling virgin neoprene is self-lubricating, flexible,...
Weaver AirFlex Roper Smart Western Cinch
The AirFlex® Cinch offers the ultimate in cinch design! With the perfect combination of breathability, comfort and performance, the AirFlex® Cinch is constructed from white cool flex foam that will not absorb heat like traditional black neoprene. This patented, state-of-the-art performance cinch...
$99.39 $93.95
Toklat Passport Contoured English Girth Double Elastic Ends
From the trusted name Toklat, the Passport Contoured English Girth provides cushioning and ultimate protection for optimal performance. Lined with a soft, plush fleece that helps prevent girth sores and chafing. Ergonomically shaped to conform to the rib cage, this girth allows for...
Weaver Leather Latigo Ties
This saddle string is cut from top grade brown latigo leather for strength and flexibility. Measures 5/16" x 12". 
$0.79 $0.75
Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Western Cinch Fleece Lined
What makes this cinch amazing? The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle...
Ovation Airform Dressage Girth
The award winning Ovation Airform Chafeless Dressage Girth is horse and user friendly. Cushioned and textured for air flow, it stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets. Can be sponged clean in seconds. Hypo-allergenic. Made with stainless...
Toklat Deluxe Coolback Western Cinch
The Toklat CoolBackWestern Cinch will stop cinch galling in its tracks! Medical-grade CoolBackpolyester fleece is specifically designed to stand up to the harsh rigors of everyday training and wicks moisture away from the skin to keep your horse cool, dry...
Classic Equine Alpaca Roper Cinch
100% Alpaca - one of the worlds rarest natural fibers. Softer than cashmere, yet extremely strong and resilient. The elasticity of Alpaca is comfortable to your horse and has natural give as he moves. Stainless steel hardware with one roller...
Weaver Mohair Blend Roper Cinch
This 27-strand mohair blend roper cinch features a patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle for easy cinching and a removable golden brown harness leather off billet holder. Made in the USA.
$80.39 $75.95
Ovation Body Form Gel Dressage Girth
Contoured shape for extra elbow room. Gel lined for comfort and elastic at both ends with Stainless buckles.
Ovation Dry-Tex Equilizer Dressage Girth
Now you can have the moisture wicking performance in a girth! Dry-Tex lining assures the most comfortable girth ever. Web girth has fleece lining with Dry-Tex center, and elastic with stainless steel buckles at both ends.
Cinch Connector Strap Beta
Synthetic Girth Connector Strap. For use on both heavy-duty and single-ply back cinches. Product Details: Adjustable synthetic back cinch connector strap Measures 5/8" x 16"
$7.19 $6.95
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