Goode Rider

Founded in 2004, Goode Rider was started with one major goal: to revolutionize the world of equestrian clothing. Inspired by fashion while also being concerned with athleticism, the brand sought to bring style and function to riders while providing a proper fit. A leader in the equestrian clothing industry, the company sparked a change that still continues today.

The primary mission of Goode Rider is simple, yet not always easy to achieve: to create the best fitting clothing that combines cutting-edge technologies and performance fabrics with the latest fashion trends from around the world. While the company began with an eye on equestrian clothing, it has since expanded its line to include hikers, runners, skiers, yogis and more.

 The Goode Rider brand offers an extensive line of clothing for women, men and girls. Women’s clothing options include full set tights and breeches, knee patch tights and breeches, show clothing, jackets, vests, shirts and sweaters. Men’s clothing options include full seat breeches, knee patch breeches and shirts. The girl’s line of clothing includes breeches and shirts. The company also offers a detailed sizing guide to help ensure you select the right-sized breeches and tops to suit your needs. In addition, all products are backed by a free 30-day return policy for buyers in the USA.