Brass Round Swivel Snaps
A solid brass 225 swivel snap. Quantity of 1.
$4.99 $4.95
Stud Chain NP
$12.59 $11.95
Stud Chain NP
This nickel plated over steel lead chain 1"
$12.59 $11.95
Halter Snap 1" Chrome over Brass
In non-rust solid brass for the perfect golden touch, this snap is great for craft items Also great for bags, chaps, key chains and small-sized halters Size denotes strap width snap will accommodate Overall Length is 1-3/4"
Swivel Snap Nickel Plated
nickel plated swivel snap
$4.19 $4.49
Brass Open Eye Snap
A solid brass 232 open eye snap. Quantity of 1.
Centaur Leather Covered Stud Chain
Turn any lead into a shank! Brass plated chain covered with ultra-soft leather provides gentler control.
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