Herm Sprenger

Located in Iserlohn, Germany, the Herm Sprenger company has been manufacturing metal products for equestrian, dog sport and boat fittings since 1872. The company’s high-grade products are used b professional athletes and horse lover around the world.

Known for its high-quality products, Herm Sprenger constantly strives for innovation while also developing friendly relationships with its customers. While the family-run company has grown over the years to have more than 160 employees, the company has not forgotten its roots or the things that it has long stood for: quality, innovation and a commitment to customer service.

Products available from Herm Sprenger include a wide variety of metal products, including boat fittings such as pulleys and cam cleats as well as collars for dogs. Within the equestrian market, the company specializes in products such as bits and stirrups. These include 3-ring bits, d-ring bits, driving bits, duo bits, eggbutt bits and full cheek bits. Other available products include spurs and stirrups, including jointed stirrups and stirrup pads, The company also offers stable and care products such as wither gauges, display rings, blanket hangers and saddle racks for the stable and hoof picks, brushes, combs, bell boots and more for caring for your horse.