Founded in 2007 in south Texas, Hooey started with one simple mission: to create a simple but superior hat. The first of these hats was worn at a Tejas Rodeo just north of San Antonio in city called Bulverde, Texas. The Tejas Rodeo continued to take place every Saturday night, providing entertainment for spectators while also allowing for the product line to grow.

Today, what started off as a mission to create a superior hat has expanded to a full line of apparel. Items now available from Hooey include jackets, hoodies, tees, shirts, socks, backpacks and more. The line of products has even expanded to include items like wallets, knives, auto accessories and even Bluetooth speakers.

Regardless of the type of item, however, the Hooey commitment to superior quality remains in place. In addition, the company strives to offer products with a look that is new and innovative while remaining rooted in tradition. In fact, the Hooey mission is, quite simply, to provide “a new alternative for those who prefer a different take on the status-quo”.

Given the innovative design of this product line combined with its wide range of products, it is easy to see how Hooey quickly surfaced as one of the top product lines within the modern rodeo scene.