Decker Tack Sponge
Decker #18 Round Tack Sponge Single- Domed, soft 3.75" x  2" Decker #14 DTS Fine Pore Multi-Purpose Sponge pack of 12 -2.25" x  1"
Nikwax Rug Wash
This rug wash effectively cleans horse and dog clothing while revitalizing water repellency, insulation, and breath ability to extend the life of your items.                              *25000ml Size...
Nikwax Rug Proof
Benefits of using this product: Adds / renews water repellency and revives breathability of horse rugs Resists water absorption due to flex and abrasion damage Prolongs the life of gear and optimises performance in wet weather Maintains insulation, keeping your...
Nikwax TX Direct Spray On
Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On is easy and quick to apply, and its highly Durable Water Repellency (DWR) develops on air drying. The need for tumble drying is removed, this saves energy and protects more vulnerable, older, garments from heat. Nikwax TX.Direct®...
Nikwax Waterproof Liquid Wax For Leather
Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather™ liquid is a safe product to use on breathable waterproof smooth leather footwear. It provides Durable Water Repellency (DWR), maintains breathability and replenishes tanning agents. Additionally, Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather™ liquid in black/brown restores...
Horseware Stormsure Repair Adhesive
A flexible repair adhesive to contain and waterproof the nicks that your blanket may pick up over the years.
$25.00 $19.95
Reinsman Universal Tack Repair Kit
The Reinsman Tack Repair Kit is your all-in-one solution for tack repairs! This kit includes everything you need to keep your tack in top shape, including an array of loops and bit-end replacement parts. Whether you lost a Chicago screw...
Premier Equine Horse Laundry Wash Bag
Acting as a filtration system for your washing machine, this horse laundry wash bag is ideal for washing your saddle pads, rugs and dirty rider wear without damaging/ clogging your washing machine with loose hair and debris. Suitable for washing...
Premier Equine Horse Boot Wash Bag
A handy boot wash bag which you can place your horse boots in, ensuring they stay safe in the washing machine.Two divided pockets separate the boots from each other so that they don't snag in the wash.
Kelly's Instant Shine Spray
Excellent spray for use on all smooth leather. Helps increase the life of leather good. Leaves behind a high shine without residue. Use to weatherproof leather purses, shoes, boots, saddles and more.
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