Horseware Ireland

Started by a small team in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985, Horseware Ireland has since grown to become the world’s most trusted producer of horse rugs. Determined to create a rug that wouldn’t leak or make the horse sweat, founders Tom and Carol MacGuinness successful created the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout. This prototype ultimately became the iconic Rambo Original, which went on to set the standard for modern rug design.

While the Rambo Original is still in production and is still made in the same town in Ireland, Horseware Ireland has grown to include a full line horse rugs and other equestrian apparel and accessories. Constantly pushing boundaries, seeking untrodden paths and searching for new challenges, the company strives to make a positive impact on horses and their riders.

A truly global company with workers located around the world, including an office in North Carolina, Horseware Ireland extensively tests its products before putting them on the market. In fact, every rug is tested for at least one year, with many being tested for up to three years. The rugs are also tested on at least 20 horses, ranging from small ponies to massive Irish Draughts, before they are officially introduced to the public for purchase. As such, you can count on products from Horseware Ireland to be built to last.