With a mission “To equip and inspire every equestrian for excellence,” Equinavia and its Horze brand date back to nearly 40 years ago when it was founded in Scandinavia. With its combined passion for horses and their riders, the company found its purpose in trying to meet the needs of both. Over the years, the company continued to expand and innovate while remaining true to its trifecta of quality, value and fashion.

While the company started in Europe, it made its journey across the Atlantic in 2007 in order to better meet the needs of US riders and their horses. Unlike other companies that came to the United States from Europe, the Horze brand did not attempt to apply old fashion to modern equestrian disciplines. Rather, the company was dedicated to adapting to American equestrian culture in order to better meet the needs of horse lovers in the United States. With its distinctive products and fresh perspective, the company was able to offer European quality and style to US distributors across the country.

A company that was founded on curiosity and innovation, Equinavia and its Horze brand manages to cherish its Scandinavian heritage while also investing in and being receptive to the US community that it serves. By valuing the feedback of each person and continuously identifying new ways to nurture the wider equestrian community, the company manages to remain focused on excellence, detail and value while creating products that encourage discovery, confidence and freedom.