House of Montar

With products that are sold around the world, House of Montar places an emphasis on creating apparel and equestrian products that are functional, adaptable, innovative and fashionable while remaining reasonably priced. Backed by exceptional customer service and openness, the company takes pride in offering equipment and clothing for quality-conscious riders who refuse to compromise. Some of these products include jackets, competition shirts, sweatshirts, belts, breeches, saddle pads, bridles, brow bands, nose bands and more.

By following the latest fashion trends and constantly renewing their collection and introducing new styles and products, House of Montar always offers products that are both smart and trendy. Motivated by the philosophy that apparel and accessories must also be functional and comfortable, however, the company also places a great deal of emphasis on functionality, design and safety with each of its new products.

With a mission to offer high-quality products but not at a high price, House of Montar works with a variety of hand-picked suppliers who are capable of providing materials and producing goods that meet the company’s strict quality standards. Through this careful selection process, the company is able to create products from which you can expect to get more for your money.