Impact Gel

Located in the small town of Ettrick, Wisconsin, the Impact Gel company is a small but proud company that strives to make useful products while minimizing their environmental impact. Through ongoing research and rigorous testing, the company has successfully developed a comprehensive product line that offers unmatched performance and comfort for both the horse and rider.

Founded by Matthew Kriesel, who formed the Mattec Corporation with Richard Childress, the formation of Impact Gel was inspired by Matthew’s experience with racecar racing in NASCAR. Following a serious accident at the Daytona 500 in 2000 that affected driver Geoff Bodine, the product gained attention when Bodine credited the gel with saving him from experiencing a more severe injury.

Impact Gel itself is a patented material that is made from interconnected energy-dissipating molecules. These cross-links within the material allow the gel molecules to move freely around one another while also remaining linked. In this way, the gel is able to absorb and dissipate the force of the impact as well as the force of the pressure points that are associated with the inconsistencies of saddle fit. A variety of different products are available from the company, including saddle pads for English riders and specialty riders, ensuring there is a product available to suit virtually anyone’s riding needs.