Karman Western Products

Based in Aurora, Colorado, Karman Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of fine western products that operate under three different brand names: Roper Apparel and Footwear, Stetson Apparel & Boots and Tin Haul. Each offers a different specialty angle, allowing the horse aficionado a variety of options for purchasing great horse-related products.

Founded in 1865, Stetson Apparel & Boots has grown to become a global leader in headwear. Considered to be the embodiment of the West, the company is a trusted household name that has become standard equipment for Western aficionados everywhere. Available products include a variety of hats and boots for both men and women. Meanwhile, both Tin Haul and Roper Apparel & Footwear offer tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and boots for men, women, boys, girls and infants.

By offering three different brand names of products, Karman Inc. is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of horse lovers. Each brand has its own style and look. While Stetson Apparel & Boots is geared more toward the serious and traditional cowboy, Tin Haul is better suited to those who want something that is a bit more whimsical. Roper Apparel & Footwear, on the other hand, lands somewhere more in the middle with its taste of Americana.