Founded in 1944 by Joyce Dobkins, Mayatex has been providing durable saddle blankets for many decades. The story begins after Joyce graduated as Valedictorian in her class at Texas Tech University and drove herself to Guatemala on the newly opened Pan-American Highway at the age of 33. While living there, Joyce became quite knowledgeable about the Mayan culture and textiles. She combined her love of textiles with her new knowledge to begin her own weaving business alongside her sister, Carmen Drake.

The result of their efforts was a handwoven Guatemalan skirt that was sold at Neiman Marcus and then at stores throughout the United States. In 1959, the sisters moved their business to El Paso, Texas and put their knowledge and skills to work as they wove saddle blankets, floor coverings and tapestries.

Today, the business is owned by James Drake and Pi Cowley, but the innovation and creativity that were put into the business when it was first started continues to thrive to this day. Each of the company’s durable saddle blankets is an original design made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Generations of knowledge are put to work to create products that meet the needs of both the horse and the rider.