Milano Hat Company

Founded in 1990, Justin Hats is one of several companies owned by the Milano Hat Company parent company. A trusted and well-known name in the hat industry, Justin Hats was founded by Herman J. Justin more than 100 years ago as part of the Justin Boots company. It didn’t take long for Justin Boots to become recognized as an icon of the western culture. To continue with this legacy, Milano Hat Company began handcrafting authentic western straw hats under the Justin Hats name after it acquired the company in 1990.

Today, Milano/Justin Hats offers a full range of products for you to choose from. These include hats that are made of premium wool as well as fur felt. In an effort to stay fresh and remain true to the latest fashion trends, the company releases Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections every year, ensuring you always have new and fashionable hats from which to choose.

Milano/Justin Hats made from straw are manufactured and hand-woven using natural fibers that were sourced from around the world. Meanwhile, several different types of felt hats are made by the company, including fur felt, wool felt and blends of the two. The felt bodies are made with various blends of tame and wild hair while tame rabbit and beaver fur are used for the wool blends.

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