Montana Silversmiths Established Strength Turquoise Earrings
The Established Strength Turquoise Earrings feature a silver tone triangle shape, which is known for its unparalleled strength and stability. In the center is a bright triangle shaped turquoise stone adding a pop of color to the design. Surrounding the...
Montana Silversmiths Wind Dancer Pierced Feather Cuff Bracelet
Let the winds take you where they may on your journey, keep a reminder that your life is a beautiful journey. A wide two toned pierced cuff bracelet with a design of three slender feathers arching across from one side...
Montana Silversmiths Clear Edge Engraved Silver Concho
Designed to match many other pieces, the style with a clear edge trim. The brightly polished silver adds a beautifully rich sparkle to your leatherwork, and has a nice solid feel. This small 3/4" diameter concho comes with a standard...
Montana Silversmiths Crystal Heartstring Heart Earrings
Everyone needs heart earrings that sparkle. The post earrings consist of a clear cubic zirconia crystal in the shape of a heart surrounded by a silver tone twisted rope. Secured by a hypoallergenic post back wire the Crystal Heartstring Heart...
Montana Silversmiths Quiet Elegance Crystal Earrings
Simple sparkling crystal earrings are all you need to add some flair to your everyday look. The Quiet Elegance Crystal Earrings are a simple yet timeless design that is made for whatever you have planned. A round clear cubic zirconia...
Montana Silversmiths Charm & Whimsy Attitude Earrings
Add some easy western allure with the Charm and Whimsy Attitude Earrings. A small round turquoise stone followed by two silver tone disk beads hang above a silver tone teardrop. From this teardrop hangs several different charms. These charms include...
Montana Silversmiths Sunburst Turquoise Attitude Earrings
Dark silver tone medallions with a raised sunburst pattern are the highlight of the Sunburst Turquoise Attitude Earrings. From the medallions a teal turquoise stone hangs with a hammered pattern that adds an organic touch as if the stones have...
Montana Silversmiths Antiqued Montana Feather Barrette
Stick a Feather in your hair! This feather hair barrette design is taken directly from our Montana Silversmiths Hat Feather because not everyone wears a hat. Finished in a bright silver this feather was engraved to mimic the beauty and...
Montana Silversmiths Finishing Touch Turquoise Necklace
Wear a symbol of strength and stability with the Established Strength Turquoise Necklace. In the center of the pendant is a bright triangle shaped turquoise stone adding a pop of color to the design. Surrounding the center stone is an...
Montana Silversmiths Star Lights Western Princess Earrings
An elegantly classic style with a Western flair, these post earrings feature a princess cut crystal displayed prominently in a silver beaded trim bezel.
Montana Silversmiths Charms of Faith Turquoise Cross Earrings
The Charms of Faith Turquoise Cross Earrings are a stunning way to express your faith. The earrings feature two charms:­­ a brilliant silver tone cross and for a touch of color a teardrop shaped turquoise stone. The earrings are secured...
Montana Silversmiths Destined Luck Turquoise Crystal Earrings
Your luck is meant to be with the Destined Luck Turquoise Crystal Earrings. These horseshoe earrings have a stunning combination of brilliant turquoise and sparkling crystals. The post earrings consist of a silver tone horseshoe with clear cubic zirconia crystals....
Montana Silversmiths Resilient Montana Legacy Earrings
Showcase your resiliency with the Resilient Montana Legacy Earrings. Brought back from a previous design these earrings were created to celebrate the legacy and history of Montana Silversmiths during the 50th anniversary. The gorgeous teardrop shape features open cut filigree...
Montana Silversmiths Radiant Western Skies Turquoise Earrings
Reminiscent of a clear blue sky these earrings will turn heads. The centerpiece of the Radiant Western Skies Turquoise Earrings is the large teardrop shaped turquoise stone framed by a silver tone twisted rope that gives the design a Western...
Montana Silversmiths Desert Steer Beaded Turquoise Attitude Necklace
The Desert Steer Beaded Turquoise Attitude Necklace has a silver-toned steer skull as its pendant. The skull itself has beautiful etchings that add dimension and interest. The beaded chain contains both silver- and turquoise-colored beads on the 32-inch chain, with...
Montana Silversmiths Petaled Turquoise Beaded Attitude Necklace
The Petaled Turquoise Beaded Attitude Necklace is full of small details that make it unique. A turquoise beaded necklace leads to a silver-toned flower with etched petals and a turquoise stone featured in the center. Silver beads are added to...
Montana Silversmiths Arrowed Intensity Attitude Necklace
The silver arrowhead, thick chain, and unique beads tie this whole Attitude necklace together. The blue beads are complemented by deep shades of blue and grey giving dimension to each bead. Every unique bead is strategically placed on the chain....
Montana Silversmiths Bronze Thunderbird Beaded Attitude Necklace
An antiqued bronze Thunderbird pendant hangs from warm copper-colored beads creating the 16-inch necklace. A brighter bronze section in the shape of a diamond sits in the middle of the Thunderbird along with the same-colored designs in the wings. Additional...
Montana Silversmiths Faithful Expression Beaded Attitude Necklace
Express your faith with the Faithful Expression Cross Attitude Earrings. Silver-toned crosses hold an oval turquoise stone in the middle. Etching throughout the cross adds dimension and brings attention to the bluebell motif located on each end. The crosses dangle...
Montana Silversmiths Vintage Nickel Attitude Necklace
An oxidized buffalo nickel is the pendant of the Vintage Nickel Attitude Necklace. This nickel has a longhorn silhouette cut out that adds some classic western style. The teal green color of the oxidization makes each piece individual. This adjustable...
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