Myler Comfort Loose Ring Snaffle MB02- Level 1
Stainless steel loose ring snaffle has a sweet iron mouth with copper inlays. USEF dressage legal. Always check your organization's rulebook for more information. MB 02, Level 1 bit.
Myler Comfort Eggbutt Snaffle MB02-Level 1
The Myler Level 1 Eggbutt without Hooks with MB02/14mm Stainless Steel Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel has a Copper Inlay to encourage salivation.  This bit is also USEF dressage legal (1/2012), FEI dressage legal (7/2016). Ideal for horses with basic training under...
Myler Comfort Dee English Snaffle MB02- Level 1
Ideal for a young or inexperienced horse. Made from stainless steel with a copper mouth inlay.  The Wide Barrel mouthpiece is a more comfortable alternative to a classic three-piece mouthpiece while still applying enough correctional pressure for a horse still learning the...
Myler Sweet Iron Western Dee Snaffle MB01- Level 1
Stainless Steel Western Dee, MB 01 Comfort Snaffle with Narrow Barrel, Level 1 The MB 01 is the Myler alternative to the traditional single-jointed mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits. The MB 01 rotates onto the tongue to apply concentrated...
Myler HBT Shank Ported Barrel Curb MB33- Level 3
This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes. About the mouthpiece: the 33 is the mildest Myler mouthpiece in terms of tongue pressure. The generously wide port allows room for the tongue to pass under the bit...
Myler Black Seven Shank With Low Ported Barrel Curb
Myler Black Steel 7" Seven Shank, MB 06 Mullen with Low Ported Barrel, Level 2-3 The MB 06 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen, but it has a wide low port that allows the tongue to pass under...
Myler 7 Shank Low Ported Barrel Curb MB43LP - Level 2-3
Designed for horses in basic training with a good disposition and self control who can handle more tongue relief or those in advanced training with a challenging disposition whether it be anxious, aggressive or fearful. Mouthpiece: Black Steel 7" Seven...
Myler Dee Snaffle Mullen Barrel Low Port MB06-Level 2-3
This Level 2 Myler bit (MB 04) is for horses or ponies established in basic training. It utilizes less tongue pressure and more bar pressure than level 1 bits. This bit has a low port, copper inlay on the mouthpiece...
Myler Eggbutt W/O Hooks Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel MB 02-14mm
Myler Stainless Steel Eggbutt without Hooks, MB 02 14mm Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel, Level 1 The MB 02 is the Myler alternative to the traditional French link or lozenge mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits. The MB 02 rotates onto...
Myler HBT Shank Comfort Snaffle MB09 - Level 1
Myler Stainless Steel 5" HBT Shank, MB 09 Single Joint, Level 1 The MB 09 is a more comfortable Myler version of the traditional single-jointed mouthpiece. Although it lacks the benefits of a “true” Myler mouthpiece, it has a distinctive...
Myler Kimberwicke Narrow Barrel Low Port MB43LP- Level 2-3
The generously wide port allows room for the tongue to pass under the bit and swallow. Because this mouthpiece does not rotate on to the tongue and the port is wide, it applies little to no tongue pressure, working primarily...
Myler Long Shank Combination Low Port Comfort Snaffle
Myler Stainless Steel 7 1/2" Long Shank Combination Bit, MB 04 Low Port Comfort Snaffle, Level 2 The MB 04 is similar to the MB 02 in that it will rotate on the tongue and apply tongue pressure, however, it...
Myler Curb Strap Hooks
Sold As A Pair. Stainless Steel.
Myler Flat Shank Mullen Triple Barrel Curb MB32-3- Level 2
Stainless Steel 7" Flat Shank with Sweet Iron Mullen Triple Barrel (MB 32-3, Level 2) Copper Inlay. This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes...
Myler Kimberwicke Forward Tilt Ported Barrel MB36- Level 2-3
The Myler Stainless Steel Kimberwick with Stainless Steel Forward Tilt Ported Barrel (MB 36, Level 2-3) is a level 2-3 bit meaning it is designed for horses with basic training, a good disposition, self control and those that can handle more...
Myler Comfort Eggbutt with Hooks Snaffle MB02- Level 1
Rotates on to the tongue to apply direct tongue pressure by collapsing to form a "U" instead of a"V" shape. Curves to allow more room for the tongue, protecting lips and bars from being pinched. Sides move independently for more...
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