Nettles Stirrups

Started in December of 1986, Nettle Stirrups was born from a vision of Hall of Fame Cutting Horse trainer Ronnie Nettles. Inspired by Gala Nettles and her desire to create a rocking horse for her grandson that could serve as an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation, Ronnie set out to work out the details in creating the perfect rocking horse.

Ronnie soon headed into the shop, where he cut, glued, sanded and patiently brought the rocking horse to life. In addition to boasting a thick yarned mane and tail, the rocking horse featured a replica saddle made out of oak. After building laminated stirrups for the rocking horse, he decided to make a pair for himself. He went on to spend long hours every day creating a pair of stirrups that wouldn’t put pressure on his legs or create foot fatigue.

Putting his 35 years of experience in the saddle to work for him, Ronnie finally created the perfect stirrups and Nettles Stirrups was born. Today, the Nettle stirrups are known worldwide, not only for their comfort but also for their style and visual appeal. With each design tested extensively with real horsemen and women, you can be certain the stirrups you purchase will help you feel and look great every time you are on your horse.