Nettles "Chisholms" Unfinished Stirrup
Meet The Chisholms, the best-looking, best-riding, best-built economy stirrup on the market. A sidekick to the Nettles Stirrups Premier Line, it too was designed by cutting horse Hall of Fame trainer and problem-solving guru Ronnie Nettles. Made of five oak...
Nettles The 75 Trail Stirrups
The pin of THE 75 is off-centered so that it hangs at a slight angle, helping to keep the rider's toes up and heels down.  The "75" also sits the rider deeper in the saddle providing better balance and more...
Nettles Stirrups The Barrel Racer Gripper
Our Nettles Barrel Racing Stirrup will make the perfect companion to your saddle. Besides being as comfortable as your favorite pair of boots, the stirrup’s wide middle and cut away sides gives that racer excellent in and out access. A...
Nettles Trailblazer Stained Stirrups
Want a little more foundation under your boot while blazing the trails? The Trailblazer is an exact twin to the Nettles “75” – well, almost. The Trailblazer has the same tilt, the same domino effect, the same ease of in...
Nettles Flat Bottom Walnut Stirrup
A bell stirrup made to last and look good at the same time.   All-around stirrup built wider, so you won't be impeded by the stirrup sides Small rise in the bed of the stirrup mimics the arch on a...
Nettles Varnish Flat Bottom Stirrups
Hand made 2" flat bottom varnished stirrups featuring a leather tread for extra grip from Nettles Stirrups, the leader in the industry in wood stirrups. Clear Varnish Dark Stain Varnish Dark Leather Top and Tread
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