Neue Schule

The exclusive United States and Canadian distributor for Neue Schule Bits, Neue Schule USA embodies the vision of USDF Silver Medalist and accomplished FEI dressage competitor Mette Larsen. With a focus on progressive and creative innovation and comfort, the company sets high standards and expectations for designing and manufacturing bits that provide the greatest amount of comfort for both horses and riders.

A hardworking amateur rider herself, Mette Larsen is a passionate horsewoman who worked her way to the top as an amateur competitor. She brings this same drive and commitment to Neue Schule and the product the company has to offer. Quality, comfort and innovative design are at the forefront of each of her products, their design and their manufacturing process.

A variety of horse-related products are available for purchase from Neue Schule. These include various types of pony bits as well as accessories, such as nose pads, chin pads, gag pieces and curb straps. Bradoons are also available from the company, including loose ring bradoons, eggbutt bradoons and turtle bradoons. Available curbs include Warmblood Weymouth, Starter Weymouth, Aachen Weymouth, Pacifer Weymouth, Slimma Weymouth, Mors L’Hotte Weymouth, Thoroughbred Weymouth, Transform Weymouth and Turtle Tilt Weymouth varieties. Pelhems and snaffles are also available.